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The fibroids become avascular and shrink. 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Org uterine-fdbroiis. other guys like viagra pill face much does viagra cost pharmacy How does the doctor treat uterine fibroids? Small uterine fibroids may not require treatment if they do not cause symptoms. Com is for informational purposes only. do i need a doctor's prescription for viagra Joined on 12-26-2011 598 posts 10,692 points congratulations and what a very happy birthday you had :) proud 36yr old mama of 3, expecting #4 - 8yrs after #3 :) nbsp report abuse reply quote 10-08-2012 at 9:50 am kat1221 joined on 11-14-2007 georgia 1,101 posts 12,331 points congrats and welcome!! Me: 37, dh: 36, mc 9/07 at 12 weeks ds: 7/25/08 ttc#2 since 11/11 bfp 5/28/12!! Edd 2/4/13!! It's a girl!!!!!! My ovulation chart nbsp report abuse reply quote back to top hot topics new dad or dad-to-be? Chat with other dads here! 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